• BrainPark will bring transformational changes to how compulsive behaviours are experienced, detected and overcome.

    Working with industry, healthcare and community partners, the BrainPark team are developing novel digital assessment tools and innovative lifestyle and technology-based therapies to improve the physical, mental and brain health of Australians.

    BrainPark is a joint venture between the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI). BrainPark’s co-location with the state-of-the-art MBI amenities will enable seamless integration of psychological and brain science and imaging to determine how these interventions change the brain, and for whom they are most effective.

    The development of BrainPark would not have been possible without a generous donation from The David W. Turner Endowment Fund, further supported by investment from Monash University.

    In 2019, the Wilson Foundation came on-board to support BrainPark, by way of direct research funding, as well as increasing its research capacity through several new hires (Wilson Foundation-BrainPark Research Fellow, Exercise Physiologist and Research Assistant). The generous support will accelerate the development, testing and validation of new lifestyle medicine and technology combinations to improve brain and mental health outcomes. This partnership will help us provide a new and neuroscience-based approach to detecting, overcoming and avoiding addictions and compulsions.

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  • Address

    BrainPark, 770 Blackburn Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 AU