• Why measure my fitness?
    At BrainPark, we are experts in the benefits of exercise for brain and mental health. Measuring your physical fitness can play a crucial part in improving your mental wellbeing and learning more about your body’s physical capabilities. Measuring your physical fitness can help optimise your exercise regime, track your progress, and keep you motivated.

    What does the test measure?

    A cardiovascular fitness test measures your body’s ability to utilise oxygen for exercise, known as your VO₂ max. The test can also measure a range of other aspects of your body’s capacities including:
    • Heart rate maximum
    • Heart rate zones
    • Lactate and ventilation thresholds

    During the test, we can additionally analyse your gait patterns to give insights into your biomechanics.

    What do I get?
    After the test, we will be able to provide you with a report with all of your results including:
    • VO₂ max
    • Heart rate zones
    • Lactate threshold curve
    • Ventilation threshold curve
    • Gait movement analysis and graphs

    I am interested, what do I do now?

    To ensure the fitness assessments we offer are suitable for you, please complete this screening form which covers medical history and exercise background.

    As we are also experts in brain and mental health, in the future we will be expanding this initiative to consider brain and mental health assessments, to offer more comprehensive mind-body assessments.